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This PDF includes 2 mythic paths, 1 new mythic race, many mythic psionic powers, and 3 mythic level monsters compatable with Pathfinder 1st Edition.


Paragon - Become the peak of your race as you unlock latent abilities deep within your bloodline. Compatable with Sorcerers, Bloodragers, Ki Masters, and any race that has unique bloodline or monster-like abilities

Apotheon - Become a god through your own hard work and dedication. Compatable with monks, ninjas, psychic warriors, and ki masters.

Godling - New godlike race inspired by the core people of the original shonen manga sporting a unique set of mythic racial abilities

Mythic Feats, Powers, and items - over a dozen new feats, psionic powers, and items inspired by the world's greatest shonen manga

3 Mythic Level Enemies - 3 villains to serve as the "final boss" of your campaign or story arcs capable of taking on entire parties of mythic level characters.

Mythic Path -Paragon vs Apotheon


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