TL;DR : I cleaned out some old storage and found these, didn't want to waste them. 3 random prints to a bundle, some out of print art some still in print, 11x17 graphic with thick white border on basic cardstock prints with no special finish. 

Long Description : 

So! The basic gist of this was - I was cleaning out some older part of my studio and came across this box of prints that I don't put out anymore! These were made with a different printer than I use now, and I switched because these previous ones couldn't be made borderless for any reasonable price. But - I now have this WHOLE BOX of white bordered 11x17 (11x17 graphic, the white border adds another inch or so) and instead of just tossing the whole box I'm sort of just putting them in this grab bag bundle. 

Your 3 prints will be RANDOM, and there are many other graphics! I haven't even dug through the whole box yet, but some are old prints we no longer have, and others are ones we still print today! Some are from me, some are from Noko, and we even have a couple of Jakei's in here. 

All prints are on a basic but pretty thick cardstock with no special finish.

Old-Style Print Grab Bag (3 Prints)


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