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Loading Crew Crafts is a business founded in 2013 as a homemade arts, craft, and creative outlet for the new parents. As their business expanded they started selling their merchandise at conventions such as Lexington Comic and Toy Convention, Shutocon, and Youmacon. They were a sudden success and what started as a passion project turned into a full time production studio.

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TheLoadingCrew is a husband and wife team made up of 2 independent artists. The husband Stuart is in charge of the YouTube channel and producing video content while the wife Alexandria produces the Web Comics Momma CQ and Jelly Realms Adventures.

Alaina Prana


Artist, Crafter, & Writer

Stuart Jones


Digital Designer, Merchant, Teacher

Around the time of their first successful kickstarter for their RPG Jellyfish Plush line of toys, they began to pick up traffic on their youtube channel TheLoadingCrew where they play tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and the fanmade Pokemon Tabletop to an excited and enthusiastic audience along with their friends, actors, and internet talent such as Linkara from Channel Awesome, Jelloapocalypse, and several members of official dubbing studio Team Four Star such as Hbi2k, MasakoX, and Megami33.

At this time Loading Crew Crafts is looking to expand their work into more original art. Currently, Loading Crew Crafts are publishing a long running independent comic series on Tumblr and Deviantart called Momma CQ. Artist Alaina Prana is also running several different blogs on Tumblr full of original characters such as the Jelly Realms and World View series. In their off time, Loading Crew Crafts is also a character consultant on the Undertale Fan Game known as the Underfell Fan Game, a YouTube consultant for popular channels like Jakie Animations, Syy, and Digital Hat Productions.

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