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This MEGA bundle gets you both the Ki Master ultimate bundle as well as the Paragon vs Apotheon Mythic paths bundle available here on the webiste. This bundle saves you over $3 buying both books at the same time.


Ki Master ultimate bundle -

 Includes - This is a limited run bundle deal of both Pathfinder PDFs inspired by the grandaddy of shonen anime. This will include a digital download of both the contents of the Pathfinder Ki Master PDF (which includes the Space Warrior Race, Ki Master Class, and Golden Warrior prestige class) and the Anime Races PDF (which includes Wu-kong, Half-kong, Slugkin, Frost Demon, and Majin Races along with many exclusive racial feats) Over 40 pages of anime inspired races and classes combined into 1 bundle


Paragon vs Apotheon Mythic Paths -

 Includes - This PDF includes 2 mythic paths, 1 new mythic race, many mythic psionic powers, and 3 mythic level monsters compatable with Pathfinder 1st Edition.

Paragon - Become the peak of your race as you unlock latent abilities deep within your bloodline. Compatable with Sorcerers, Bloodragers, Ki Masters, and any race that has unique bloodline or monster-like abilities

Apotheon - Become a god through your own hard work and dedication. Compatable with monks, ninjas, psychic warriors, and ki masters.

Godling - New godlike race inspired by the core people of the original shonen manga sporting a unique set of mythic racial abilities

Mythic Feats, Powers, and items - over a dozen new feats, psionic powers, and items inspired by the world's greatest shonen manga

3 Mythic Level Enemies - 3 villains to serve as the "final boss" of your campaign or story arcs capable of taking on entire parties of mythic level characters.

Ki Master + Mythic Path MEGA BUNDLE


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