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XTALE BUNDLE THE SECOND - another massive collectors set for the lovers of this series! Due to high demand not every versions of the bundles will be available at all times, if you have a preference or a request, please feel free to use our messaging system and leave an email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you!

- XTale comic
- Cross Pillow Plush
- Cross Dakimakura
- Underverse Chibis Zipper Pouch
- 3 Prints - XTale Gaster, XTale Cross, Xtale Papyrus
- XTale Button Set (not shown)
- Cross Charm 
- Cross Mini Daki (not shown)

You can check out these items in their individual listings as well!

And make sure to check out the amazing Jakei on her YouTube channel!

XTale Bundle - The Second Version


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