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This MEGA Bundle contain both



Physical Copy of Xtale Comic

Physical Copy of XTale Zine

Poster by Veloona

2 Sticker Sheets by August Minner, Xedramon and Muskka

Set of 3 Buttons (XGaster, XGerson, Gallett) By Yugogeer012

XGrillby Acrylic Charm by Vic

XAlphyne Zipper Pouch by NixenSibrat

XMTT Pillow Plush by Little-Noko

XFrisk OR XChara Pillow Plush by Little-Noko

Cross Pillow Plush by Little-Noko

Cross Dakimakura by Little-Noko

XMTT Shaker Charm by Jael Penaloza ((NO LONGER AVAILABLE, Shaker charms will be replaced with the Underverse Chibis zipper pouch))

Set of 3 Prints (XGaster, Cross, XPapyrus) by Jael Penaloza

Cross Acrylic Charm by Jael Penaloza

Cross Mini Dakimakura by Little-Noko



DIGITAL items:

(AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, SPANISH & JAPANESE please specify in your order.)

Digital Copy of XTale Zine

Digital Copy of "Behind the Curtains"

Set of 3 Wallpapers by Mindboogling

Set of 24 Discord Emojis by Mar and RSUSHIII

Digital Planner by Muskka



The XTale Zine contains 31 illustrations, a double-page comic, and 13 exclusive XGaster Entries. These are secret notes, written by the creator of XTale, that complement the main story line. All materials are arranged in chronological order, so the reader can dive back into the XTale universe and see it from a completely different perspective.


The “Behind the Curtains” edition is a digital collection that showcases 100+ unused materials, as well as initial drafts for the final project. At the end of the edition you’ll find two pages from Jakei, including a color guide for XTale!


XTale Zine MEGA Bundle


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